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No chain is stronger than its weakest link.

The opportunity to work with suppliers who share the same values and the customer's problem is a privilege.

Our suppliers / partners, we also represent are extremely competent in their business and we are delighted to be working with them.

This ensures that you, our customers can be assured of well proven solutions and technologies.

Identify customer needs and possible solutions for customer needs.

Identifies products to solve customers' problems, mainly own, partners or networks


Will return with the proposed solution, funding and implementation.

You will find a lot of information via various types of research papers, best practices and meetings with suppliers of new solutions.

Protects the various EU calls for proposals and programs such as Tillväxtverket or Vinnova's calls as a means to get our products with financial help.

Creating networks to create and implement major transactions.

Most people who have new products get them to market through projects funded by various sources and then acts as the reference object. Most often in conjunction with a research institute, an authority who want to test the product and a city.


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