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Ecosaver, part of Energeco Group initiates collaborative efforts in a multitude of markets throughout the best and brightest waste technology within their respective industries.

The purpose of Energeco Group and our work is to create the right conditions to recycle as much waste as it is technically, economically feasible. We do this through skills development, system knowledge and a network of environmental technology companies at the forefront of their niches.

Energeco Group focuses on joint venture collaboration, Innovative business strategies and new business models in Green Technology in water & Waste management with roots from Swedish waste management.

We help organizations gain completive advantage by creating innovative circular economic processes.

Innovative business strategies in Green Technology in water & Waste management.

Scalable Equipment and tools, own and with our partners around Europe.

We develop new products of waste and introduce them to the market.



LCBAM is a project financed by the European Union whose objective is to reduce CO2 emissions in Mexico.

LCBAM supports the projection of Mexico towards a green economy by promoting the signing of at least cooperation agreements between Mexican companies to implement technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

At ECOSAVER and Xelera, we are integrators of the most advanced and proven technologies around the processing and recycling of solid waste. Thanks to the program of strategic alliances promoted by Low Carbon Bussiness Action Mexico, both companies unite to present a robust solution around the problem of waste management in Mexico.

Exact calculations and business simulations
Modern waste management leads to new jobs and good profitability
The EU supports environmental engineering projects that deal with waste issues around the world
Clear business process leads to good decision making
Good analysis results in new waste streams and new business opportunities


Sustainability of tourism in Mexico is a growing area of focus of the government. Minimizing the footprint of tourism on the environment is fundamental to accesing the resources of nature including the unique marin ecology of the Sea of Cortez.

Primary products and services are related to the selection, development and delivery of infrastructure to a resort including desalination , waste management, solar cells, biogas and related technologies.

Primarily driven by the requirements of La Gringa Resort Community and its 900 hectares available for greenfield development, the target market is all resorts and other area development with an environmental focus in Mexico.

The market is both existing locations wanting to become more environmentally friendly and new developments.

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Project Kirov

Ecosaver is committed to helping Kirov city in Russia to build together with our partners a new waste disposal facility with automatic sorting.

New article about our project in Kirow. Translated with Google to English

Meetings with the governor of staff of the Kirov Oblast as well as meetings with the principal and staff of Kiriv University and project documents.

Project Senegal

During the autumn of 2018, Ecosaver will launch one or more projects in West Africa, starting in Dakar, Senegal. Read more here

Now we have established a new collaboration with Plumbing Solutions Sweden AB. The company has recently signed a reseller agreement with Hydromx in the US for Scandinavia, the Baltics and Poland. Plumbings Solutions Sweden AB consists of a group of Entrepreneurs with a long background of developing different types of business both in Sweden and abroad. Our curiosity has given us different opportunities to meet other entrepreneurs with good environmental products. Hydromx is one example of such an opportunity. We are also active in Turkey, Russia, Africa and Mexico throughout.

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