Biogas Digester


ENV BGS, a container based and scalable biogas system from 2 - 6 tones / day by only changing numbers of biogas reactors.

Capacity 2 000 – 80 000 kg/day (food waste)

Biogas production ~ 300 – 900 m3 / day

Electrical CHP output ~ 400 – 1 300 kWh / day

Thermal CHP output ~ 1 000 – 3 000 kWh / day

Thermal output only gas boiler ~ 2 100 – 6 300 KWh / day

Our biogas storage is connected with Cleanergy Gasbox, for producing electricity and hot water.

GasBox is easily integrated in ourENV BGS,Biogas system, GasBox an independent and flexible Stirling engine powered up by a gas burner. Controlled by a real-time energy management; a fuel, plus heating and electricity connection to a house / factory / warehouse with optional functionality.

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Meet the New Generation Waste Elimination ENV BGS

While reducing your waste elimination cost;

you can produce ENERGY, HEAT and hygienic, pasteurized, good quality liquid FERTİLİZER from:

•Restaurant (Food) Wastes,


•Yard Wastes,

•Animal Wastes,

•Greenhouse Wastes,

•All Organic Wastes.







•Catering Companies,



•Golf Courses,

•Camp Sites,

•Construction Sites,

•All Enterprises that produce Organic Waste.

We have in recent years developed a scalable Container Based Biogas System from about 2-80 tons of organic waste. During the year, we will install a number of facilities around Europe. With our partners Envirotek in Istanbul, we also offer customized turnkey solutions.

Envirotek with Ecosaver has been working to tailor Biogas plants mainly in Turkey but also has installations outside Turkey. If you need a customized solution, get in touch with us and I will arrange a visit to a facility that meets your needs.

Anaerobic digestion (AD) for biogas production is a proven technology that is well known in the municipal waste and wastewater treatment plants. It is commercially ready to use and has multiple benefits (energy savings, waste management cost savings, reduction of environmental impact, reduction of carbon footprint, etc.). The same technology can be applied to other organic waste such as agro-food waste. The motivation behind BIOGAS3 is based on the observation that, despite its multiple benefits, AD is not yet widely implemented in the agro-food sector, or its implementation varies extremely between the EU-27 member states. The small-scale AD concept (<100 kW), applied soundly in the appropriate locations, is a sustainable solution from the economic (energy savings due to self-consumption, waste management savings), energy (self-consumption and reduced losses due to near use) and environmental (reduced or zero transport costs for raw materials and digestate, CO2 emission abatement) point of view.

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BIOGAS3 PROJECT - Sustainable small-scale biogas from agri-food waste for energy self-sufficiency

Intelligent Energy Europe Programme mallbiogas is an application (software) that allows you to assess the feasibility of biogas production on a small scale in the food industry ...(MORE)

Below some examples of different biogas systems, we can help you with. We work with a number of suppliers around the world. We develop the solution that suits your needs.

BIOGAS3 PROJECT - Hållbar småskalig biogas från livsmedels- och jordbruksavfall till energisjälvförsörjning inom IEE-programmet. Läs mer

Smallbiogas är ett program som gör att du kan bedöma möjligheten att biogasproduktion i liten skala inom livsmedelsindustrin...(MER)

Bra verktyg för att beräkna ROI och andra lönsamhetskalkyler

RETScreen International Clean Energy Support Centre strävar efter att skapa kapacitet hos planerare, beslutsfattare och industri för att införa projekt baserade på förnybar energi eller effektiv energianvändning. Målet uppnås genom:utveckling av verktyg för beslutsfattande (t ex programvaran RETScreen) som minskar kostnaden för förstudier; spridande av kunskap som underlättar bättre beslutsfattande; och genom utbildning som underlättar analys av teknisk och ekonomisk genomförbarhet av tänkbara projekt.

Programvaran RETScreen Clean Energy Projects Analysis är ett unikt verktyg för beslutsunderlag utvecklat med stöd av ett stort antal experter från myndigheter, industri och den akademiska värden. Mjukvaran, tillhandahållen utan kostnad, kan användas över hela världen för att utvärdera produktion och besparingar, livscykelkostnader, reduktion av emissioner, ekonomi och risker för olika typer av tekniker för energieffektivitet och förnybar energi. Programmet inkluderar även produkt-, kostnads- och klimatdatabaser; samt en detaljerad användararmanual.