Quantor XL® Drum Composting - first approved in Sweden


Quantor XL® - Composting in the rotating drum, is a patented, process-oriented method that takes a holistic approach to composting focusing on four main areas:

• Approved system - Provides a high quality end product that can be sold as a soil conditioner

• Flexibility - All types of waste, including manure = Interesting for all

• Capacity - Continuous flow for efficient, large scale composting

• Simplicity - automated, standardized process


Ny rapport från JTI nedan som publicerades 2015-02-26 om Quantor XL klimatpåverkan

Sanitation of Chicken manure

To make chicken manure (ABP) to a commercial and marketable product requires a sanitation according to the EU Parliament and Council Regulation (EC No 1774/2002).

With the experience of our technique drum composting capable of Agriculture's requirements for sanitation of manure "ABP" and thus also meet "Sludge", we have now developed a new product QuantorSteam. The system is scalable from about 5-50 mᶟ / day with custom models. Delivered on-site turnkey.

Chicken manure is a difficult waste to compost as a concentrate when the nitrogen content is too high with the result of strong ammonia precipitation.

To sanitize concentrated chicken manure, other methods using eg hot air. We have chosen to use steam which is a very effective and economical way to achieve the desired temperature for sanitation with my 70 degrees Celscius for a minimum of one hour under current EU regulation.


We work with scalable solutions that deal with compost all organic waste.

Our products meet current Environmental Protection Agency requirements for sanitation of "sludge". ECSAB's QuantorXL drum composting has been since 2009 the Board of Agriculture approved system for sanitation of animal by-products under European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC No. 1774/2002) according to the current validation method.

QuantorXL will thus also to meet the Environmental Protection Agency requirements for sanitation of "sludge" (a soluble Report 6580 Sept 2013 Sustainable reversal of phosphorus).

With this, the treated materials continue to be sold as a commercial pro uct.

News is our newly developed Quantor Steem dealing with chicken manure to finished product.

Below our products, including product data sheet.