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Benefits of Responsible Environmental and Social Practices for Hotels

Good practice can result in direct cost savings by reducing energy and water bills, sewage treatment and waste disposal costs. In many areas of the world, demand for water exceeds the supply and is seriously straining available water resources. Some of the most water-stressed areas in the world, such as the Mediterranean, are also home to some of the largest international tourism destinations. 

The demand for water per guest (Up to 600- 800l/day/guest ) usually exceeds by far the demand of a local residents. In addition to the water required for each hotel room and general hotel management activities such as kitchens and laundry, features such as swimming pools, lawns and golf courses can add significantly to total usage. Excessive water use can degrade or destroy local water resources, threatening the availability of water for local needs. Problems may be made worse in areas where high tourist season corresponds with periods of low rainfall.

With the help of our container-based small Biogas plants do you take care of all your organic waste fractions on site and create electricity, heat and gas to your stoves. The surplus will be valuable biofertilizer that you can use in your gardens or sell / give away to your vegetable producers. Big profit and quick return.

Ecosavers mission is to provide efficient solutions to develop the business of our customers, energy efficient and by offering products from a Circular economy principles.

LED is now creating new opportunities in small steps begin this work.

By looking at the "offGRID" solutions, we have seen that all our solutions generate energy, which contributes to the preservation of the environment and sustainable growth. Now we can also offer you a new concept based on that we help to develop an inventory of your current lighting and will provide a basis for a new energy-efficient LED lighting. You will receive a quote and delivery direct from the factory without intermediaries. We work directly with the factory as their external sales force. This means that we can offer you very competitive prices, fast delivery and high quality from one of China's best producers.

We have been working with LEDs since it was introduced on the market and now we can say that the technology is well developed and tested.


Ecolux Mosquito Repellant Tube light

Strategic Green Management Training for Hotels

Learning by doing

Markets are taking environmental issues into account and are demanding EMAS and ISO14001

Soon even the smallest companies will have to show customers, public administrations, non

governmental organisations, insurance companies, neighbours and professional associations,that they have implemented environmental management.

Tools exist but they are often over-complicated

The range of tools to help SMEs is constantly growing but a lot of these tools are considered to be too heavy and complicated by smaller companies and micro-enterprises. They are seen to represent a growing threat of bureaucratisation.To conform with or touse environmental management standards which are becoming prevalent through out Europe at the moment, such as ISO 14001, or the EMAS regulation scares small companies.

Visual, simple and practical tools are needed!

Action Decision,Learning and Simulation

The basis of the Action Learning is that participants are actively working with real problems and issues, and create their own knowledge rather than passively served knowledge. The method assumes that people learn best by documents and by reflecting on theresults of their actions. The reflections leading to conclusions and to new issues that drive the development and further learning.

Action Learning was created by Reginald W Revans. Professor Revans was English Olympians in the Olympic Games in 1928 and did research in the 1930s in nuclear physics at Cambridge. The method is based on several assumptions:

- We get only what we want to learn.

- We want more love to teach us when we face problems we want to solve.

- Learning is a social process and we learn better if we are a few pieces in the same situation

Simulation Of real situations is our tool By

Process and ROI simulations

World News!

Ecolux is launching its

Mosquito and Pest Repellent Led Backup Light.Click here for more information

With the help of our container-based, scalable water treatment equipment with membrane technology you can reduce consumption and reuse your water. Big profit and quick return. By choosing us as your supplier, you have gained a comprehensive solution that covers most of your major energy thieves; the rest is improved work processes to reduce losses in all activities and where we can also help to drive your quality work with ISO 1401 for the hotel. Big profit and quick return.

During the summer we also got a new agency, PlanetDISKĀ® RBC Units, to sell a new biological wastewater treatment systems. Rotating biological treatment (RBC) developed in Turkey with our partner Envirotek who assisted planettek in their 10-year development of PlanetDISKĀ® RBC Units.

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