“Energy efficient use of biomass and principles for future policy” to sell the biomass products as ready to go products, is the key issues’ for the hole bnusiness and the future of our products and solutions.

Ecosaver an association of Swedish and Turkish Biotech Companies /Universities operating in water Purification, sorting and treat organic waste, Biogas digester and gas upgrading.

Ecosaver have the experience to solve traditional problems with organic waste and energy.

Ecosaver works with the latest technology in the field of Biotechnology.

Ecosaver are what Swedish Quality stand for: Accuracy, Long life, Low maintains.

The challenge today for Ecosaver and partners

During the past year, Ecosaver together with Swedish worked on a new business model that covers the entire composting process with QuantorXL drum composting as the main process for organic waste. As a complement, we have developed the MBR wastewater treatment for leakage wastewater before and after composting in open spaces.  We also create a container-based biogas plant that can handle from 2-6 tons of organic waste / day.

During spring and summer, a new concept developed and introduced to the market during the brand Quantor Organics Waste System, owned by ECSAB in Sweden with Swedish brand and product development manager, together with Ecosaver in Turkey as a sales and marketing company and now also in this new coalition with Envirotek.

The target group in the first phase has been the Swedish customers in waste management with 3-5 bids out of ca. 3-4 million Euro.

Ecosaver also create our own brands, develop its own products in Biogas, MBR Water treatment and various forms of scalable Composting Solutions together with Envirotek.

The business model also contains permit applications, assistance with financing through various forms of support, training and certification.

The business model creates a long and deep collaboration with our customers who are not so price sensitive to our products and services as in many other cases.

The solution and business case

By creating your own small scalable factory for assembling in Istanbul, we can build a standardized basic module of the MBR Water Container tailored to each customer's water analyses by selecting the appropriate membrane technology. Similarly with our proprietary biogas reactor that will also be done with different types of interfaces for both solid and liquid organic waste.

We will also be able to subcontract manufacture other Swedish / Nordic products within Clean Tech Production through the networks we have.

The assembling plant will be powered by a controlled LEAN process that easily meets the ISO 9001 and 1400 standards.

The design of the flow, stocks of components, clean zones for final assembly etc. are very important for our credibility. Getting it right from the beginning of the whole process.

With our own production together with selected local suppliers, we can control the price of a completely different way.

By building two pilot plants for demonstration purposes, tests, educations, we can quickly attract market interest. Today there are no mass-produced small-scale solutions in the market.


Market potential

To estimate the turnover and market potential is very difficult in the current situation but can cite a good example of a successful small Belgian company Bioeletric which started in 2010 by three engineers, and today has over 150 establishments out there with a turnover of around 20-25 MEURO / year and the target audience is cow farmers with herds of 60-170 cows. Bioeletric are already active in more than 7 countries in Europe and in Turkey.

We have a completely different and better, broader product than theirs who also do not meet the rules in Sweden today. Their business model is a complete installation for a fixed price between 100 000 and 300 000 Euro. Farm-house, small, green, local, Keep it simple, reliable is their slogan.

Through the use of the The Business Model Canvas, we can quickly identify clients' needs and market and decide where we should focus our sales efforts.

UK, Poland, Nordic countries and many of the former East bloc countries as Bulgaria, Romania and others have received much EU support to change their waste management. See more under Marketing.

Ecosaver have access to a large part of Europe's decision-makers in waste management and actively participates in various networks.

Investments need for continue and develop the business is around 200 000 €

Invest in smart, scalable waste water and organic solutions with a fast growing market world Wide.


- Fast Growing Market in standardized, scalable Water treatment Equipment’s and - Container Based Solutions.

-  Fast installations and upstart

-  No ore little civil works needed

-  Low and fixed price

-  Low maintenance

-  Easy to transport by Using 40 ft. standard Containers

-  Easy to maintenance/support by cloud service and internet access

We are open for different solutions.

We are looking for investors/Companies in our branch who can build or complete their own business with our products.

Exclusive Marketing on defines markets

Good Discount on our products

We can offer Shares, max 20 % of the company or % of the revenue.

Fixed interest rent of 10 % until the loan is payed back.

For Business Plan, prospects list, references, contact