Waste Plant Equipment and design

ORC systems

Againity offers seven standard models from 20 kW and up, named after the amount of electricity generated in kW:

AT20, AT40, AT100

AT200, AT400, AT800, AT1500

The systems are built as modules, which means that they can easily be combined and the maximum output is unlimited. Standard models’ dimensions vary from 2620 * 1200 * 2085 mm for the smallest model AT20 up to 12036 * 4736 * 6458 mm for AT1500. The smaller models are suitable for heat from solar panels, landfill gas and small pellet boilers, while the larger models are suitbale waste management plants as well as industrial applications such as aluminum plants, gas turbines and large diesel generators. Read more about the various applications of our products under the ”Applications” in the menu bar.

Waste management plants

Our comprehensive offering for small-scale waste incineration includes not only the waste incinerator and the ORC system but also training of your staff in waste management and sorting. The picture below shows our three standard sizes. These can easily be combined for increased power output as demand increases.

We welcome our new business partners in the solid waste solutions Againity and Benli.

Aganity convert low-grade heat into electricity. The heat source can be waste heat, municipal waste, or biomass in a power plant, to name a few. Our systems are based on the Organic Rankine Cycle and can utilize heat down to 90 degrees and generate power from 20 kW and up. Take the first step towards becoming your own power producer – get in touch with us today!

From waste to value

Againity utilizes low-grade heat and converts it into electricity through a so-called ORC system (Organic Rankine Cycle). Thanks to an in-house developed patent-pending turbine, the system can utilize heat down to 90 degrees Celsius – and still have a short payback time for systems down to 20 kW of electricity produced.

The heat source

The heat source can be anything from incinerated waste, wood chips or biogas, to waste heat from a gas turbine, Diesel generator or other industrial processes. At Againity we happily help with the technical layout and financial calculations of potential projects.

Simple installation

The system is delivered pre-fabricated and installed by a simple pipe connection of the heat source and a cable to the power grid. The system is fully automated and a TCP/IP connection allows convenient monitoring and remote control. The turbine system consists of high-quality components, designed to last long periods without maintenance.

System sizes

Againity offers seven standard sizes from 20 to 1500 kW electricity, but since the systems are built as modules they can be easily combined and the maximum power output is thus unlimited. Learn more about our various models under ”Products” in the menu bar above.

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