Water Treatment

With our years Turkish partners Envirotek with over 30 years of experience from over 400 water projects around the world, we can offer turnkey solutions from the water treatment needs of companies and municipalities from 5 persons up to entire cities. See below presentation for more information about our partners, references and experience. Right now, we project a number of major projects together in Sweden, Finland and Turkey


We work with scalable water treatment plants from about 300 liters / hour to facilities that meet a metropolitan needs.

The facilities Ecosaver works primarily with the container-based solutions that solve your problems without any major investment and construction work.

The facilities are part of a scalable system solution where Treatment in combination with waste management is a good combination to start with.

The facilities will be fully equipped for rapid deployment. All systems go to get solar-powered based on regional conditions. Included PLC and remote operation support online. 

Today we have four different types of purification methods, membrane, Osmoz, UV and chemical cleaning, container-based or fixed installations. 

ENVIRO SAF (Submerged Aerated Filter) system is a compact and efficient biological treatment plant specially designed for small and medium-sized needs of sewage solutions that meet the tough new EU regulations, mainly for coastal areas around the Baltic Sea area. 

Soon we will have our entire new product range in downloadable PDF and the ability to get online help with the adjustment of water purification systems by filling in your water analysis and get a customized container-based solution with price and delivery.


New cooperation with PlanetDISKĀ® RBC Units

During the summer we also got a new agency, PlanetDISKĀ® RBC Units, to sell a new biological wastewater treatment systems. Rotating biological treatment (RBC) developed in Turkey with our partner Envirotek who assisted planettek in their 10-year development of PlanetDISKĀ® RBC Units.

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